When Swype first arrived, my phone's screen (and thus the keyboard) was smaller than screens today. Yet, I seem to recall Swype's accuracy as pretty darn good. These days (past year or so?) it seems worse than ever. I need to start a list of the ridiculous things it suggests. It does not seem to employ even basic statistical checks to present / select the most common word if in doubt. Swype routinely presents me with words and proper nouns I have never selected/typed over exceedingly common words. A couple examples from today -- tried to swype "still" and get "stoll". Very often I'll swype "home" and get "hone" -- both of these (stoll and hone) I don't think I've ever used, and I suspect they're not as popular as still and home. Anyone else have similar experiences? Maybe I'm just a really shitty/inaccurate swyper, but I seem to recall it being better years ago, despite the smaller keyboard (and thus a likely less accurate swype pattern). The default Android one now supports swiping, right? Is it any better?

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